Guggle Soundtrack

Audio is an important part of any game as it helps set the mood, tone, and atmosphere.  Often a player rarely pays direct attention to the music while in the middle of a gaming session, which is to be expected.  So here’s a chance to sit back and listen to Guggle’s soundtrack without having to worry about running headlong into some spines or being burned by a flaming skull.


Guggle Theme Song
Title Song Composer: Pontus Rufelt
Ending Credits Composer: Fryda Wolff

Fayborn: The Deep Lagoon
Composer: Fryda Wolff
Fayborn Theme 1
Fayborn Theme 2

Osthurst: The Scorched Thicket
Composer: Fryda Wolff
Osthurst Theme 1
Osthurst Theme 2

Draclend: The Primeval Forest
Composer: Fryda Wolff
Draclend Theme 1
Draclend Theme 2

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