Dragon Sightings!

Dragon Wrath Logo

Here there be dragons! Apparently they’re flying all about the web too. Here are some sightings:


“Hell hath no fury like a dragon scorned—a baby dragon, to be exact.” WhatsOniPhone

“Dragon Wrath turns the table for a change and provides the unique position of playing as a dragon — getting revenge on those . . . → Read More: Dragon Sightings!

Dragon Wrath Sound Track

Like any good production, there are several parts of a game that all come together to make it into the complete experience. Audio helps set the mood and tone, even if we’re not directly paying attention to it. Here is your chance to enjoy the soundtrack of Dragon Wrath while taking a break from burning . . . → Read More: Dragon Wrath Sound Track

Guggle Around The Web

Guggle’s official launch on the App Store happened August 12, 2010. Check it out!

It’s already getting people talking. Here are some reviews:

“Guggle is a cute and addictive game available in the App Store with excellent design and animation (and looks terrific on the iPhone’s retinal display). … This could easily be . . . → Read More: Guggle Around The Web

Guggle Soundtrack

Audio is an important part of any game as it helps set the mood, tone, and atmosphere. Often a player rarely pays direct attention to the music while in the middle of a gaming session, which is to be expected. So here’s a chance to sit back and listen to Guggle’s soundtrack without having . . . → Read More: Guggle Soundtrack

Wallpapers Are Here!

In anticipation of the official launch of Guggle here’s some wallpapers for your desktop. Enjoy!

. . . → Read More: Wallpapers Are Here!

Welcome to Faraway Frontiers!

Welcome to Faraway Frontiers! Here we explore the vast frontier of digital gaming.